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When Chand, the only child of wealthy widower, Jwalaprasad Raiseazam, insists on seeing his to-be bride, Beena, who meets with him and refuses to marry him. Unable to face her father, Kedarnath, she runs away and ends up coming to the rescue of a woman, Roopa, and moving in with her. She then gets to meet Roopa's brother, Rajan, a petty thief and gambler, and both are slowly drawn to each other and fall in love. She accomplishes herself as a dancer/singer and is able to improve their lives, while Chand gets married to Girja. Then their lives will be changed with the entry of a male named Pran - who has a diary that holds dark secrets from the past, which he will soon misuse for blackmail - changing everyone's lives forever.

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Pehli Jhalak

Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, English


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