Subtitles That Is the Dawn



In a small town in southern France, on the seafront and not far from Italy, Dr. Valerio is working to heal the poor. His young wife, could no longer stand the place, encouraged him to go and settle in Nice but the doctor does not want to leave before having found a replacement. Valerio was particularly friendly with Sandro, an agricultural worker who maintains the trees belonging to Gorzone, wealthy industrialist and major employer in the city. Sandro, disturbed by the serious illness of his wife, is struggling to fulfill its functions. During an absence of his wife, Dr. Valerio meets Clara, a young Italian, and falls for her. The drama erupts when Gorzone dismisses Sandro ...

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That Is the Dawn
France, Italy
102 min


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That Is the Dawn (Cela s'appelle l'aurore 1956 Luis Buñuel).srt
Luis Bunuel - Cela s'appelle l'aurore (1956)
Cela s´appelle l´

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