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Jailor Dilip lives a wealthy lifestyle along with his wife, Kamal, and a daughter, Bali. He is disfigured, is compassionate and dedicated to his work, which results in Kamal feeling neglected and ends up in the company of Dr. Ramesh much to Dilip's displeasure, and he instructs her to remain indoors. In retaliation, she elopes with Ramesh, compelling Dilip to inform Bali that her mother has passed away. The couple are blacklisted in the community and then end up in a vehicular accident, resulting in Ramesh losing his sight and Kamal with a discoloration on her right cheek. Dilip finds out, brings her home, and keeps her under lock and key and prevents her from seeing Bali. His attitude changes towards everyone, and he becomes oppressive and tyrannical. Watch what happens when Bali comes to know that her mother is still alive and insists on seeing her.

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