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Broadway producer Max Bialystock and his accountant Leo Bloom plan to make money by charming little old ladies to invest in a production many times over what it will actually cost, and then put on a sure-fire flop, so nobody will ask for their money back - and what can be a more certain flop than a tasteless musical celebrating Hitler…? The film distributors were also afraid that the audience would react negatively, so the film had a sneak premiere in Pittsburgh in November 1967 and its official premiere in New York in March 1968, but it didn't go on general release in the US until November 1968. It wasn't released outside the US until its UK premiere in October 1969, followed by Sweden in May 1970, and Italy, Denmark and France in 1971. They didn't dare show in Germany until 1976. Today its regarded a comedy classic.

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The Producers
English, German
88 min
Won 1 Oscar. Another 2 wins & 5 nominations.


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