Subtitles The Little Norse Prince



Horus, a kid living in a unnamed Scandinavian/Eastern Europe culture of the Iron Age, recovers the Sword of the Sun from the rock giant Moog and learns from his dying father that he must returns to his ancestral territory. In the process, he defends a village from the attacks of Grundewald, a warlord/ice demon and befriends the enigmatic Hilda, a lonely and beautiful girl who sings haunting songs (and who hides a terrible secret).

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The Great Adventure of Horus, Prince of the Sun
82 min


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Taiyo no oji Horusu no daiboken (Little Norse Prince) [1968][SU+JP].srt
1968 - Horus Prince of the
Horus, Prince Du Soleil (Hols No Daiboken) - Vostfr english
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