Subtitles Up in Smoke



An unemployed pot-smoking slacker and amateur drummer, Anthony Stoner ditches his strict parents and hits the road, eventually meeting kindred spirit Pedro de Pacas. While the drug-ingesting duo is soon arrested for possession of marijuana, Anthony and Pedro get released on a technicality, allowing them to continue their many misadventures and ultimately compete in a rock band contest, where they perform the raucous tune "Earache My Eye."

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Up in Smoke
English, Spanish
86 min


File name
Up in Smoke (1978)
Cheech n Chongs Up In Smoke 1978 HDTVRip 1080p XviD AC3-DD (Kingdom Release)
ENGLISH Cheech & Chong - Corsican
Cheech and Chong Up in
Cheech and Chong Up in[ego].srt
up in smoke eng

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