Subtitles The Flower of My Secret



Marisa Paredes is Leocadia ("Leo") Macias, a woman writing “pink” romance novels under the alias of Amanda Gris that are very popular all across Spain. Unlike her romantic novels, her own love life is troubled. Leo has a less than happy relationship with her husband Paco, a military officer stationed in Brussels then later in Bosnia, who is distant both physically and emotionally.

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The Flower of My Secret
Spain, France
Spanish, French
103 min
4 wins & 12 nominations.


File name
La Flor De Mi
La Flor De Mi
[1995] Pedro Almod
Pedro Almodovar - 1995 - La Flor De Mi Secreto.(espa
La flor de mi secreto (The Flower of My Secret) (1995)

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