Subtitles Police Story 4: First Strike



Jackie Chan reprises his role as Chan Ka-Kui (also known in some versions as Jackie) yet again as a Hong Kong cop who works with Interpol to track down and arrest an illegal weapons dealer. Later Jackie realizes that things are not as simple as they appear and soon find himself a pawn of an organisation posing as Russian intelligence.

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Police Story 4: First Strike
Hong Kong
English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, Ukrainian
107 min
2 wins & 7 nominations.


File name
Jackie Chan's First Strike (HD).srt
Jing cha gu shi IV Jian dan ren wu (1996)-First Strike - Eng - 25fps -
Police Story 4 - First
First Strike(EN).sub
Police Story 4 - First Strike [1996].srt
Jackie Chans First Strike (1996).srt
Police Story 4 1996 waf
First Strike.sub
First Strike - Eng - 25fps -

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