Subtitles But Forever in My Mind



Silvio (Silvio Muccino, the director's younger brother) has no interest in the student rebellion taking place at his high school. His fascination lies with Valentina (Giulia Carmignani), the prettiest girl in the school. However, Valentina already has a jealous boyfriend, Martino (Simone Pagani). After Silvio finally has a moment alone with Valentina (where they share a kiss), he makes the mistake of telling his gossipy best friend, Ponzi (Giuseppe Sanfelice). By the end of the day the entire school knows about the kiss, including a very angry Martino.

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But Forever in My Mind
88 min
6 wins & 10 nominations.


File name
But Forever In My
Come te nessuno
gabriele muccino - come te nessuno
Come te nessuno mai (1999).srt
Come te nessuno

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