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Memories: A woman wakes up on a street without memory. A husband cannot remember why his wife left him. The woman wanders the streets trying to contact the only phone number she has on her. The husband see's her ghost in his apartment and discovers her mutilated body in a large bag in his home (Korea). The Wheel: Extravagant cursed puppets cause fires, deaths, physical pain and a little girl to be possessed (Thailand). Going Home: A father goes in search of his missing son and is abducted by a strange man. The strangers wife has died of cancer three years prior but he keeps her in his apartment under the impression she will 'wake up' (Hong Kong)

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3 Extremes II
Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand
Korean, English, Mandarin, Thai, Cantonese
140 min
6 wins & 15 nominations.


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Three CD1 (english).sub
Three Extremes - Part 3 - Park Chanwook - Cut.txt

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