Subtitles No Rest for the Brave



A comedy built on non sequiturs, the French-Austrian production No Rest for the Brave recalls Luis Buñuel at his most playful, or perhaps more accurately, the absurd New Zealand “exquisite corpse” film The Price of Milk. Brave opens on a bar in a sleepy farming village where two men, Igor and Basile, are having a conversation about their dreams. Concerned about his friend’s addled state, Igor visits him the next day but can’t find him; it turns out Basile has committed a massacre in the town square, and promptly shoots Igor dead. From there, the film returns to the bar, where a man named Hector is preparing to do some shady business with a bunch of gangsters.

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No Rest for the Brave
France, Austria
104 min
1 nomination.


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Pas De Repos Pour Les Braves (No Rest For The Brave)(2003).srt
Pas de Repos pour les

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