Subtitles Don't Believe in Her



Even in this world of distrust, it would be difficult for any man to resist the charms and superb beauty that Yong-ju has in this romantic comedy. But despite her sweet appearance, she is actually an expert con artist. After being released from prison, she encounters her new victim on her way to Pusan on a train: an unsophisticated pharmacist named Hui-chol. First, he is severely beaten after being misunderstood that he sexually harassed her. After the brawl, he finds that his bag is switched with hers. When she visits his village to return the bag, she is misunderstood by his family to be his lover. From that moment, the real game begins as she pretends to be his fiancee, using all the tricks

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Too Beautiful to Lie
South Korea
115 min


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Don't Believe Her (Geunyeoreul Midji Maseyo) (2004) [1 of 2].srt
Dont Believe Her

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