Subtitles The Red Colored Grey Truck



Belgrade, the summer of 1991. Yugoslavia is falling apart. Gavran can't get a driving licence because he is color blind. He is a rural Bosnian introvert obsessed with trucks. So, as soon as he is released from prison, he steals a truck to go on a joyride. Suzana, a city girl, discovers she is pregnant, but until she's due for an abortion, she decides to go to Dubrovnik. She hitchikes and Gavran almost runs her over. She is unhurt, but she blackmails him to take her to Dubrovnik. Two people from different worlds, equally removed from the real one. For him she is the first woman he can talk to; for her he is just another idiot to add to the long list of them that she has so far compiled. But the pressure of danger and the intimations of war force them together. The world about them has become so absurd that they seem to each other the only sober people left.

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The Red Colored Grey Truck
Serbia and Montenegro, Germany, Slovenia
Serbian, German, Arabic, Italian, Slovenian
95 min
6 wins & 1 nomination.


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Sivi Kamion Crvene
Sivi Kamion Crvene Boje(ANG).srt
the red colored grey truck -- sivi kamion crvene boje(ang).txt
Sivi Kamion Crvene Boje (2004).srt

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