Subtitles Taking Lives



The film starts in the early 1980s. Young Martin Asher took a bus for Canada. He meets another teen on the bus Matt Soulsby. When the bus broke they decided to rent a car and drive to Seattle. On the road the car gets a flat tire, and Matt starts changing the tire Martin comments on how he and Matt are about the same height and he quickly pushes Matt in the way of an oncoming truck causing a huge accident where Matt and the driver both die. He took Matt's guitar and left singing like Matt did. Twenty years later, an FBI profiler, Illeana Scott comes to Canada to help hunting down a serial killer Martin Asher who killed multiple men and lived by their identities. Martin's mother claims that she saw Martin in Quebec city and she tells the police that Martin is evil. The police also has an eyewitness James Costa who saw Asher kill his last victim...

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Taking Lives

USA, Australia
English, French
103 min
3 nominations.


File name
Taking Lives - English Hearing Impaired (25FPS).srt
Taking Lives (2004)
Taking Lives (2004)
Taking Lives 2004 Unrated DC 720p Bluray AC3
Taking Lives - English (25FPS).srt
Taking Lives 2004 Unrated DC 720p Bluray AC3

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