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Julia Lambert is a true diva: beautiful, talented, weathly and famous. She has it all - including a devoted husband who has mastermined her brilliant career - but after years of shining in the spotlight she begins to suffer from a severe case of boredom and longs for something new and exciting to put the twinkle back in her eye. Julia finds exactly what she's looking for in a handsome young American fan, but it isn't long before the novelty fling adds a few more sparks than she was hoping for. Fortuately for her, this surprise twist in the plot will trust her back into the greatest role of her life.

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Being Julia
Canada, USA, Hungary, UK
104 min
Nominated for 1 Oscar. Another 10 wins & 17 nominations.


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Being Julia (2004).srt
Being Julia (2004)
Being Julia (2004).srt

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