Subtitles The 2 Sides of the Bed



Three years have passed and the boys seem to have matured. Javier is going to marry Marta and Pedro is very much in love with his new girlfriend Raquel. Rafa has also found happiness with Pilar, who loves him too and treats him in a very particular way. It can seem that everything is perfect in their lives. But what do the girls think? Marta and Raquel have different plans that will put their relationship with their boyfriends in danger. Even Pilar has got a lover and is being unfaithful to Rafa. But that's not all: a new woman, Carlota, appears in Javier and Pedro's lives

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The 2 Sides of the Bed
104 min


File name
Los 2 Lados De La Cama (the 2 sides of the bed) (2005).srt
Los 2 lados de la cama (2005)_eng.sub

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