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Stefan hasn't seen his father for years. All he knows is that his father is a boxer who travels all over the world. Stefan boxes, too, like his father. He misses him a lot. On his tenth birthday, Stefan doesn't get the usual package in the mail from his father and he decides to go find him. With his five-year-old brother Tobias tagging along, he sets out for the city. The boys eventually find their father, but he is not at all what Stefan had imagined. Still, Stefan gets a well-deserved apology, and the boys and their father start to bond. Maybe his father is not such a big disappointment after all. Maybe, just maybe, his father really can box.

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My Dad Is a Champ

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Min Far Er Bokser Morten Giese 2004 Danish Short Dvd-Rip Xvid
min far er
Min far er
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