Subtitles The City of the Sun



Set in the present, the four ordinary men in this story find themselves at crossroads in their lives. Karel, Tomas, Milan, and Vinc were once seduced by the possibility of making money in Ostrava's cosmopolitan melting pot. But times are changing - the company has offered their jobs to foreign workers. The friends try to solve their job loss by going into business themselves. But instead of the success they expected, they only sink deeper into debt and go through a number of unpleasant events that testify to their inexperience and naivety. Even their private lives become complicated. Personal crises and an inability to adapt to new conditions are the hallmarks of life in the real world, an environment scarred by existential uncertainty in a once rich industrial city...

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The City of the Sun
Slovakia, Czech Republic
Slovak, Czech
95 min
4 wins & 6 nominations.


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Slunecní stát [KiNOBOX].srt
The City of the Sun Martin Sulik - Czech Republic

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