Subtitles Beauty in Trouble



Marcela can't bear Jarda any longer, so she threatens divorce and takes the kids to her mom's, whose husband is a creep. While Marcela is there, Jarda is jailed, because he is part of a gang steeling cars and they get caught in the act. Benes, the urbane man whose car got stolen by Jarda and his gang, befriends Marcela. Soon she feels drawn to Benes and all of a sudden she must make up her mind: Jarda is still sexually attractive to her, but Benes offers security, and her own body and mind may not pull at the same strand.

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Beauty in Trouble
Czech Republic
110 min
6 wins & 6 nominations.


File name
Kraska v nesnazich.ENG.sub
Kraska v nesnazich
beauty in
kráska v nesnázích (2006).txt

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