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During the 1940s, a group of young men go off to war, leaving behind Ethel Ann (Mischa Barton), who is in love with one of them, Teddy. In modern-day Belfast, a man named Jimmy (Martin McCann) endeavors to return a ring found in the wreckage of a crashed plane. He travels to Michigan, where the grown Ethel Ann (Shirley MacLaine), who married another man after Teddy was killed in battle, now lives. Ethel Ann must decide whether to go with Jimmy to meet the soldier who last saw Teddy alive.

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Closing the Ring
UK, Canada, USA
118 min
2 nominations.


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Closing the Ring [2007].srt
Closing The Ring
Closing the
Closing the Ring (2007) [DvdRip] [Xvid] {1337x}
Closing The Ring (2007)
Closing the Ring (2007) [DvdRip] [Xvid] {1337x}
closing the ring
Closing The Ring
Closing The

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