Subtitles Light in Darkness: The Return of Red Light Bandit



A political and existential narrative, Luz nas trevas - A volta do bandido da Luz Vermelha continues the story of Luz Vermelha, a legendary bandit from Sao Paulo through the figure of his son - the outlaw Tudo ou Nada (All or Nothing). Worshipped by women, the cut-rate Don Juan commits robbery in order to enjoy material pleasures and sells his loot in the port city of Santos while his father rots in jail. In investigative circles, everyone is asking the same question: "Who is that man? Might he be a mere copy of Luz Vermehla?" Rumors run wild, and panic grips the Brazilian megalopolis.

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Light in Darkness: The Return of Red Light Bandit
83 min
3 wins & 3 nominations.


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