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In January 2011, the five original members of the legendary Irish band, Clannad, reunited for a concert in the historic Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland. The show was filmed as a television special and broadcast throughout the US Public Broadcasting System. Special guests included a duet with Moya Brennan and the incomparable singer, Brian Kennedy, performing the part made famous by Bono, "In A Lifetime." Ireland's National Choir, Anuna, also performed throughout the concert. Other famous Clannad songs in the special include "I Will Find You," the theme from "Last of the Mohicans;" "Theme From Harry's Game," best known because it was featured in the film "Patriot Games," and also used frequently by U2; And a Medley of songs from "Robin of Sherwood," the TV series they scored and won a BAFTA award for. Clannad also won a Grammy for their album Landmarks.

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Clannad Live at Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

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