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A mechanic has invented a marvelous machine, and he most eagerly shows the plans to his wife, while they enthusiastically plan their daughter's future. He finally interests an important manufacturer, who promises to have the plans patented jointly. The manufacturer realizes how great the plans are, and decides to have patent made out in his name only, realizing, however, that he must take the inventor in the business until a favorable opportunity comes to dismiss him. Later, the inventor demands his share of the profits and is coldly rebuked. The inventor threatens and the scoundrel ejects him from the place. Without work and no money, the inventor visits his fellow-workmen and explains the situation to them. They immediately rush to the manufacturer and demand justice. The villain is too frightened to comply at once, and the mechanics, misunderstanding his silence, proceed to use violence. The stupefied inventor finally realizes his mistake, and bravely defends the manufacturer

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The Inventor


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L'inventeur (The Inventor, 1911)
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