Subtitles Der karierte Regenmantel



Fashion salesman Amadeus flirts with the secretary when his wife Emma pays him an unexpected visit. She asks for a new coat. He gives her a checkered raincoat from his storage. At home she meets her friend Gritti, who is excited by the new garment. Emma lends it to her for a rendezvous with her fiancé. On his way home Amadeus spots Gritti leaving the house. Due to the coat he mistakes her for his wife and follows close behind. At the same time he is observed by Emma who begins her own pursuit. When Grittti enters a streetcar with her fiancé, Amadeus assumes deceit. He loses track of the couple and starts to make eyes at a young pedestrian. Emma is outraged and decides to move in with her mother, who suggests a divorce lawyer. Amadeus finds his home empty and calls the same lawyer. A meeting with the married couple is arranged for the next morning.

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Der karierte Regenmantel


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Der karierte Regenmantel (1917)
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