Subtitles They Caught the Ferry



A man and a woman on a motorcycle arrive with a ferry to Assens. They want to catch the next ferry in Nyborg, on the other side of the island, but this ferry will leave in three quarters of an hour and the ferry berth is 70 km away. The road has lot of curves, but they ride the bike in a high speed. An old-fashioned car has left the ferry in Assens at the same time as the motorcycle. They try to overtake the car on the road, but the driver won't let them pass. When they take a chance on his right side, the motorcycle smashes into a tree. The Ferryman takes the bodies of the man and the woman on his boat to the land of the dead.

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They Caught the Ferry

11 min


File name
De naede fargen Dreyer 1948.txt
De nåede færgen AKA They Caught the Ferry

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