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'Bitter Bread' together with 'The ogre of Athens' and 'The Counterfeit Coin' are considered to be the most notable greek films of the 50s. It was the greek film that ushered in Neo-realism - under the influence of the Italian post-war cinema of Roberto Rossellini, Luciano Visconti and Vittoria De Sica - although Grigoriou claimed that he was influenced more by French cinema, namely Renoir and Carne. Shot on location and using non-professional actors it's an early greek film without fanciful, picturesque clichés, melodrama and bouzouki. On the contrary, it is a persuasive rendering of the difficult life of breadwinners: A poor builder (Pantelis Zervos) tries, with the help of his wife (Eleni Zafeiriou), to raise his three children. When he gets killed in an accident at the construction site, his oldest son undertakes the responsibility of providing for the family, facing all difficulties.

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Bitter Bread
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