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This remake of the 1926 silent film classic and play follows the adventures of a group of Marines stationed in France during World War I. Two military men, Captain Flagg (James Cagney) and Sergeant Quirt (Dan Dailey), who are rivals to begin with, grow more at odds with each other when Quirt is made Flagg's top sergeant. And when a local beauty (Corinne Calvet) comes between them, their rivalry escalates even further. But when they discover that the woman has marriage in mind, they now compete to try to avoid marching down the aisle - that is, until they are called upon to march into battle - in this compelling film that also stars Robert Wagner and William Demarest.

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What Price Glory
French, English
111 min


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What Price
What Price Glory
What Price Glory (1952)
John Ford - El precio de la gloria (What Price Glory 1952) DvdRip XviD Mp3
What Price

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