Subtitles Ο Ηλίας του 16ου



Three poor friends, Ilias, Thomás and Vangelis, decide to break in the house of Vangelis's boss, who is a bar owner, but also a pawnbroker and fence. According to the plan, Thomás should commit the burglary, Ilias guard watch dressed like a police officer, while Vangelis should provide an alibi for himself by being seen in bar with his boss. But unfortunately, the maid of the house next door is accused of stealing a ring and Ilias is called upon to intervene. When the situation gets out of control, he ends up at the police station. Thomás however, is also captured and brought to the same section like Ilias, who tries to sort out the situation.

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The Policeman of the 16th Precinct
84 min


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