Subtitles Eclipse of the Crescent Moon



This romantic and grandiose historical film depicts the era of the constant incursions and heroic battles fought by the defenders of the castle of Eger, led by captain István Dobó, against the heavy odds of superior numbers through the lives and love of Bornemissza Gergely and Cecey Éva. Gergely is inaugurated as a fighter already at the age of 7, when he escapes the captivity of the half-eyed Turk, Jumurdzsak, with Vica and the war-booty. In thirty years' time he becomes the first assistant of captain Dobó and the brain of the castle in the defence of Eger.

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Stars of Eger
Hungarian, Turkish, Spanish
157 min


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Egri csillagok CD1 .srt
Stars of Eger.(Egri Csillagok)

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