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Anonimo Veneziano (English: The Anonymous Venetian) is a 1970 Italian award winning drama film written and directed by the famous Italian actor Enrico Maria Salerno on his debut as film director. It starred American Tony Musante and Brazilian beauty Florinda Bolkan. The film had a great success, specially for its romanticism and its score, composed by Stelvio Cipriani. In 1970 Frida Boccara recorded the song "Venise Va Mourir" with the central theme of the film (French Version, Lyrics written by Eddy Marnay) and later performed it at the Cannes Film Festival. Tony Renis recorded the song "Anonimo veneziano" (English Version and Italian Version, 1970) and "Venise Va Mourir" (1971, French Version). Many singers also sung this song: Sergio Denis (1971), Fred Bongusto (1971), Ornella Vanoni (1971), Nana Mouskouri (as "To Be The One You Love", 1973) and others.

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The Anonymous Venetian
91 min
4 wins & 3 nominations.


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