Subtitles Indian Summer



In Italy, the gambler and professor of poetry Daniele Dominici arrives in the seaside town of Rimini and is hired to teach for four months in the Liceu replacing another teacher. His relationship with his mate Monica is in crisis and he spends most of the time with his new acquaintances and gamblers Giorgio Mosca, Marcello and Gerardo Pavani. In classroom, he meets the gorgeous nineteen years old mysterious student Vanina Abati, who is Gerardo's girlfriend, and he feels a great attraction for her. They meet and know each other outside class, and they fall in love for each other.

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Indian Summer
Italy, France
132 min
1 win.


File name
La Prima notte di quiete (1972)
La prima notte di quiete [XviD DvdRip ITA Mp3]
La Prima Notte Di Quiete di Valerio Zurlini con Alain Delon

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