Subtitles The Desert of the Tartars



As his first assignment, lieutenant Drogo is sent to an isolated fortress on the borders of a desert and of a range of high mountains. The mission of the garrison is to prevent a possible incursion by the fearsome Tartars, coming from beyond the desert. Some fellow officers are eagerly awaiting an attack; some no longer want to believe in it; others take advantage of the vague threat to further their career. All of them are sacrificing everything -- health, youth, friends, family -- for a distant military ideal: leading the defence against the onslaught of the enemy. But in the vast emptiness surrounding the fortress, nobody has ever sighted the Tartars... Written by Eduardo Casais

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The Desert of the Tartars
Italy, France, West Germany
140 min
6 wins & 1 nomination.


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Il deserto dei
[divx - ita] - il deserto dei tartari (valerio zurlini - 1976).txt
Il Deserto dei Tartari

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