Subtitles My Young Auntie



Cheng (Kara Hui Ying Hung), a beautiful martial arts ace, battles to keep her inheritance from the ruthless Yun Wei (Johnny Wang Lung Wei), but her efforts are sabotaged by Yu Tao (Hsaio Ho), her wayward and irrepressible great-nephew. Following a frenzy of spectacular comic mishaps, the hapless duo are setup and imprisoned and the deeds to Cheng's estate are stolen. She is held hostage after a doomed attempt to reclaim the papers back from Yu Wei's place, and the stage is set for a savage fight to the death.

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My Young Auntie
Hong Kong
Cantonese, Mandarin
121 min
1 win.


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My Young Auntie DVDrip DualAudio {Big_A_Little_A} {Samurai RG}.srt
My Young Auntie

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