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A scrupulously honest cop refuses kidnappers' demands at grave risk to the life of his son. The son is rescued but lives forever scarred by his father's willingness to sacrifice his own son for the sake of his principles. This works out to devastating effect when the son grows up to be a Mafia don, and his father is assigned the job of bringing him in. Vijay Kumar grows up with a grudge against his father, a honest and incorruptible policeman, Ashwini, who refuses to negotiate his son's release from his kidnappers. Vijay grows up hating everything his dad stood for, and turns to crime. Now an established criminal, Vijay faces a murder charge, will his father help him now?

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166 min
4 wins & 1 nomination.


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SIPPY Ramesh - Shakti (Strength - 1982 - Sep Eng Subs - Amitabh Bachchan) 1 of
Shakti 1982 2CD DVDRip x264 AC3 Esubs [TMB].srt
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