Subtitles In the White City



A Swiss sailor jumps ship in Lisbon, tired of the noisy engine room, the ship "a floating factory of crazy people." He rents a room and does little. He writes letters to his lover, describing the whiteness of the city, the solitude and the silence. He sends his love and emptiness; she replies with love and confusion. He sends movies from his 8mm camera. Then he becomes friendly with Rosa, a chambermaid, and soon it's a love affair. He continues to send letters and movies home. His Swiss lover is hurt and angry; she sends an ultimatum. Written by jhailey

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In the White City
Switzerland, Portugal, UK
English, German, Portuguese, French
108 min
2 wins & 1 nomination.


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Dans la Ville Blanche - Alain Tanner 1983 [XviD Fra]

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