Subtitles La Nación Clandestina



In this Bolivian story, a man remembers his life while on a journey which will help him expiate his sins and which will result in his death. The focus on the story is on a man who has betrayed everyone he knows. He is planning to perform an ancient ritual dance which will end with his life being taken. He journeys from where he was living back to the village where most of the people he wronged still live. As he journeys, carrying his distinctive dance costume, his story is told in flashbacks. Once he gets there, he gets involved in the affairs of the villagers once more. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi

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La nación clandestina
Spanish, Aymara
128 min
1 win.


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La nacion clandestina (Sanjines).srt
La nación clandestina (1990)
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