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Tokyo's Shinjuku District is the tragic setting where several Chinese students are caught up in Japan's underworld. [Tai Seng Catalog] Most of this story concerns a number of Chinese working and living in Tokyo. Ben Li is an aggressive meathead who is attracted to fights. Any fights. His sensitive pal, Chang Chih, asks every Chinese girl he meets about his runaway girlfriend. Another pal is about to marry the sister of a yakuza. In between picking fights, and getting involved in the fights of others, Ben becomes enchanted by Tieh-Lan, a bargirl mainlander who hates her local sponsor and is carrying on with another man, Asano. Ben pursues her, despite considerable obstacles, and eventually tries to help her flee the country. Tieh-Lan has to flee, because Asano, dying, hands her some evidence of double-dealing to be delivered to his old boss.

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Ji dao zhui zong
Hong Kong
Cantonese, Japanese
97 min


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