Subtitles Zombie and the Ghost Train



Antti "Zombie" Autiomaa does two things well: play the bass guitar and drink. After several months' sleeping on the streets of Istanbul, he returns to Helsinki where he's called into the army but discharged on mental health grounds after adding turpentine to the officers' soup. Zombie lives bleary-eyed in an apartment off his parents' house where his lonely, unemployed father suffers from heart disease. His girl-friend Marjo has taken up with a hairdresser but comes back to Zombie. His friend Harri hires him as a roadie for his band "Harry and the Mulefukkers" then gives him a chance as a bass player. He has his girl and he has a gig, but can Zombie put the bottle down?

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Zombie and the Ghost Train
Finnish, English, Turkish
88 min
5 wins & 1 nomination.


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Zombie and the Ghost Train (Zombie ja Kummitusjuna, Mika Kaurismaki, 1991).EN
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