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The Last Dive (English title). The spirit of Fellini looms over this ribald urban folktale, directed by João César Monteiro, but its mercurial cinematic inspiration is Monteiro’s own. The story, set in Lisbon, concerns Eloi (Henrique Canto e Castro), a paunchy middle-aged man, who finds Samuel (Dinis Neto Jorge), a young sad sack, about to kill himself by plunging into the sea. Eloi takes Samuel under his wing, giving him a hot meal and bringing him to a seedy night club to introduce him to Esperanca (Fabienne Babe), who is said to be the most beautiful prostitute in Lisbon—and is also Eloi’s daughter. The trope is old stuff, but Monteiro embroiders it brilliantly. The loving views of the city—notably a long tracking shot of another prostitute making her way through town at night—are a documentary-style ode to mysterious possibility.

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O Último Mergulho
Portugal, France
88 min
1 nomination.


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