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LIVE SHIT: BINGE & PURGE is the first live album by the American heavy metal band Metallica, released as a box set in 1993. It contained audio of concerts in Mexico City (CDs or cassettes, originally), and videos of concerts in San Diego and Seattle (originally on VHS, later DVD). SEATTLE: Recorded at the Seattle Coliseum, Seattle, Washington on August 29 and 30, 1989: The Ecstasy of Gold/Blackened / For Whom the Bell Tolls / Welcome Home (Sanitarium) / Harvester of Sorrow / The Four Horsemen / The Thing That Should Not Be / Bass solo / Master of Puppets / Fade to Black / Seek & Destroy / ...And Justice for All / One / Creeping Death / Guitar solo / Battery / Last Caress / Am I Evil? / Whiplash / Breadfan

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Metallica: Live Shit - Binge & Purge, Seattle


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Metallica - Live Shit Binge & Purge -

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