Subtitles What Price Survival



A duel between two master swordsmen for the hand of a beautiful young maiden leads to a 20-year-old grudge that proves deadly. One of the swordsmen’s, Pai Fukuo’s, son is kidnapped and raised by the rival swordsman, who tell him his real parents were murdered by Pai Fukuo. The child grows up and seeks revenge on Pai Fukuo, whom he believes has murdered his “real” parents, not knowing that Pai Fukuo is his true father. A modern swordplay reinterpretation of the Wang Yu classic One-Armed Swordsman.

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What Price Survival
Hong Kong
Cantonese, Mandarin
96 min
1 nomination.


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What Price Survival DVDrip {Big_A_Little_A} {Samurai RG}.srt
One Armed Swordsman Dvd-Rip

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