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It's about 14 years I saw this wonderful film, in the Portuguese TV. Five years later, I reviewed it in Film School with a different perspective, as I had the opportunity to feel such atmosphere in Cuba, few months before. Heddy Honigmann's approach to the passenger POV inside a taxi in Lima (Peru) is quite similar the experience you can have traveling inside a taxi in Havana. The old models, rebuilt to the last part, as a living frame to the city, as an itinerant exhibition in the gallery of colors, lights, sounds and faces of the daily beat. Barely, we get out of the cars. The city itself, is a living entity that interacts with the viewer without asking permission. For every driver, we get a new puzzle piece - a new intimate narrative - which allows us to understand the beliefs and the expectations of those people.

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Metaal en melancholie
80 min
2 wins & 1 nomination.


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