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Fathers and sons. Yaron plays junior league soccer for the Haifa Maccabees. They're having a great season, in part because Yaron lifts the team's spirits by enthusiastically broadcasting their games from a microphone at the bench. When a player is injured and Yaron plays, it's a disaster. But the one person who can't find out is his dad, Danny, whose football exploits as a youth are his favorite memory. Now a stevedore, Danny works when the games are played and thinks Yaron is a star. The Maccabees are set to play a Jerusalem team for the league championship on Saturday - Danny wants the day off and Yaron goes to the coach and begs to play. Can he be a hero to his dad?

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Goal Atzmi

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Goal Atzmi - Personal Goals (2001)
Goal Atzmi - Personal Goals (2001) English for
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