Subtitles Swallowtail Butterfly



Swallowtail Butterfly takes place in an alternate Japan, in a ghetto where immigrants from all over the world have come to live and make their fortune. The city is called Yentown, and it is much like Tokyo. Sixteen-year-old Ageha (Ito), a young girl whose mother has just died, is passed on from person to person until a prostitute named Glico (Chara) finally takes pity on her.Under Glico's care, Ageha has many experiences with the other poverty-stricken immigrants in Yentown. Eventually, due to a sudden twist in fate, the immigrants are given a chance to realize their dreams. But in doing so, they destroy their solidarity, and have to face their problems separately.

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Swallowtail Butterfly
Japanese, English, Mandarin
148 min
4 wins & 8 nominations.


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Swallowtail Butterfly (Suwarôteiru) (1996) BluRay 2h 27m 54s @ 23.976fps without English .srt
Swallowtail Butterfly [1996 CD1].srt

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