Subtitles Leather Intrusion Case 4: Down to the Wire



In the final chapter of this 4-part serial, Stoli escapes from the death-trap set by the Spider and snaps his brother Jack out of his power. Stoli discovers how the street drug Rawhide is being shipped, and the Spider has a bomb planted in their car. Stoli and Sky make their move, but a henchman steals their car, not knowing it has a bomb inside, and drives it into the drug den. Stoli and Sky escape before the bomb explodes, destroying the warehouse and the Spider. Stoli realizes that his homophobia was a form of self-denial, and letting it go, begins a romance with his partner.

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Leather Intrusion Case 4: Down to the Wire



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The Wire.502.Unconfirmed
The Wire - 5x03 - Not For

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