Subtitles Totò che visse due volte



The film has three stories. First is about local village idiot Paletta, who can not afford the services of a whore and so steals a locket from a holy shrine belonging to local mafia don. Second shows the story of betrayal of Pitrinu (who's dead now) by his lover Fefe. Final episode is about lowlife Lazarus. He is killed by mob boss Toto, but raised from the dead by a local messiah, who is also known as Toto (and is played by same actor).

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Toto Who Lived Twice
Sicilian, Italian
93 min
1 win & 2 nominations.


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Toto che visse due volte - Toto Who Lived Twice(Daniele Cipre & Franco Maresco,1998).srt

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