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In Kyushu, southwest Japan, one hot summer morning, a municipal bus is hijacked. In the carnage only three people survive: the driver, a school girl, and her older brother. Suffering from trauma, the driver disappears. The children withdraw in silence. Two years later, with their parents absent, they now live alone in the family home. The driver returns to town and takes up household with the children, who are soon joined by their cousin, a college student on vacation. The body of a murdered woman is discovered on the river bank, and the police suspect the driver. Soon after, he buys an old bus; fits it with beds; and invites the three young people to leave on a trip.

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Japan, France
217 min
4 wins & 2 nominations.


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Eureka - Nicolas Roeg 1983 - CD1.sub
EUREKA 2001 1080p HDTV x264
Eureka (2000)
Eureka - Part 1.sub

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