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Maria is a bright and attractive but not especially responsible young woman who is used to having things go her way in life. Out of school and with no clear career path, Maria ends up taking a job putting together cushions for chairs. But after a single day on the job she quits, claiming the work hurts her hands and she'd rather start her own restaurant. As Maria plots her next move, she impulsively swipes a piece of lingerie from a store, then tries to lie her way out of the situation when she's caught. But Maria finds that words can't get her out of this bind, and soon she's in jail and dealing with much deeper trouble than she ever imagined possible.

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All About Love
90 min
1 nomination.


File name
De L'amour (2001)
Richet, Jean-François - (2001) - De L'Amour - DivX 5 - 608 x 320 @ 25 - French - Separate Subtitles
De L'Amour - English[zoroaster].(synced 25 fps).srt
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