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Set after the American Civil War in the 1870s, 'Texas Rangers' is a story about a group of men determined to maintain peace and contain the chaos that is erupting on the Texan frontier. Native Americans are attempting to reclaim their land, Mexicans are pouring over the U.S. border, and renegade outlaws are tearing up the state, so the Texas Rangers swear to protect the innocent and their loved. To do so, they must be willing to maintain the peace where law enforcement cannot, fight while they are out-manned and out-armed by the opponent, and be willing to die for the freedom for which they fight.

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Texas Rangers

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Texas Rangers (Western 2001) James Van Der Beek, Rachael Leigh Cook & Ashton
Texas Rangers 2001
Texas Rangers (2001).srt
[69914] Texas Rangers (2001).srt

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