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In spite of blood ties to both Haifa's Jewish and Arab populations, Moshe (Moshe Ivgy) leads a rootless existence. Grown weary of his impatient wife Didi (Keren Mor) and ambivalent about his needy young mistress Grisha (Natali Atiya), the only relationships Moshe doesn't complicate are with his devoted parents, Jewish Hanna (Meron) and Arab Yussuf, and with Jules (Juliano Mer), Moshe's ne'er-do-well childhood friend. But when Jules' real estate developer brother moves to buy a prized piece of property from the Arab side of the family, Moshe's divided ancestry is put to the test.

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Yom Yom
Israel, France
105 min
3 wins & 7 nominations.


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Day After Day (Yom Yom) 1998_eng.sub

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